Drowned in Black creates black denim vests for you to stitch your patches on.

Tattoo your jacket, is how I like to think of it. Call it a battlevest, denim kutte, metal vest or whatever. Sew some patches on and represent!

Drowned in Black Chris Face Reveal Who Is Who Runs Owner


Hey, I'm Chris.

Drowned in Black sold it's first vest in 2014 from Pittsburgh, PA to Tokyo, Japan. THAT inspired me. The very first one went to Tokyo! Wow!

Really though, it started many years before that, and was only conceived as a business in 2014 as I made a gift for for my girlfriend. The reaction received online after she posted photos of it made me realize that people were offering CASH MONEY for my creations! Sounded great!

10 years prior to that I was a snotty 14 year old as listening to Metallica and sewing patches to my school bag and teaching my friends how to sew. It grew from kids requesting sewing advice to making cut and sew leather items for some of the world's most successful extreme metal bands here in 2020s. 

It's been a wild ride and I can only thank people like YOU who have put in the time to a) read something like this and b) support a 1 man business by buying the stock. Thank you, truly! 


After spending the last 10 years in America, I've moved myself and the business to England, UK. Whilst I no longer have the time to accept 1-off custom vest requests, Drowned in Black will continue shipping worldwide the blank denim vests for people to customize however they please.  

See you in the pit.