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Nazgûl HOODED Denim Vest

Nazgûl HOODED Denim Vest

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Drowned in Black was recently approached by a USBM band readying to release their new record. The founder had previously owned our EverBlack vest, and requested 4 more with logos and hoods to be stage wear. 

We've replicated those that the band have, with the exception of ZERO external logos! 

This version features black denim, black fasteners and oversized black hood.

The 'Nazgûl' style hood is designed to FLOW and COVER your face. It is NOT a THICK HOODIE or waterproof texture made for snow and surviving extreme conditions. It's oversized and left with a clean solid edge. 

Think UADA, Mgła, Midnight or any other bands smart enough to hide their goofy wah pedal face, THIS IS THE VEST! 


Measurements for this jacket were taken with the vest fastened. 

Size Buttoned Chest Buttoned Waist Length in Inches
S 39" 35.5" 24.5"
M 41" 37" 24.5"
L 43" 40" 25.5"
XL 45" 42" 26"
2XL 48" 43" 26"
3XL 50" 45" 27"


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As of 2023, we're based out of Bedford, England.
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Free of External Labels

STILL completely free from external tags and branding. Our only brand logo is featured on the inside neck. This vest is yours to display the bands you want. 

Snap Fasteners

Interested in full coverage? For those of you that like to sew wall-to-wall patches you can now go across the vest much easier with less intrusions. 

The black push fasteners keep our sleek all black design, and enables you to easily sew right over the top of any action area that once had buttons. 

Inside Zippers

Secure your items with TWO internal zipper pockets. These are roughly 8 inches deep with a minimum of 6 inch opening even on our Small vest. Secure your keys, wallet, phone or even slot in a CD from the merch table.